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English Experience III

Experience the English language with a lot of interactivity!

Enjoy the English Experience, an immersion about global with relevant subjects, entirely in English! Participants can choose 2 round tables to talk and practice the language during the event.

Registration will be open until October 22, 4pm.


9h00 – Welcome
9h15 – Lecture: Work on your International Career – Paula Limena, VP of International at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
9h30 às 10h20 – First Round Tables
10h30 às 11h20 – Second Round Tables
11h30 às 12h00 – Closing Event


  • Leadership – Cilene Ribeiro Cardoso, Professor at Universidade São Judas;
  • International Experiences – Danielle Santos, Head of Internationalization at Anima Educação
  • How to Use a New Language to Improve Networking – Flavia Martins Mendes, Professor of Social Communications Courses at Universidade São Judas ;
  • TOEFL and TOEIC Exams: Organizing your Future – Cynthia Pichini, , Professor of Languages at Universidade São Judas;
  • A Physician Journey Beyond Clinical Practice – Dra. Marisa Sanvito, Doctor;
  • Cosmopolitan Citzenship: Culture, Diversity and Inclusion in a Globalized World Order – Julia Sichieri Moura,  PhD – Professor at Anima Plurais

*Program with limited number of participants



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