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9th SP Meeting 2021 – City and Transformation: A Multi-Perspective Approach



  • 9:00 am Opening section:

Dr. Sandra Regina Mota Ortiz, National Research Manager – Ânima Educação

Dr. Rita Yuri Inoue, Klimapolis Director Professor of Climate Science – Institute of Astronomy Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences

Dr. Lya von Marteens, Klimapolis Manager – Max Plank Institute for Meteorology

Dr. Renan Pícolo Salvador, Coordinator of the Master’s Program in Civil Engineering – University São Judas Tadeu

Dr. Fernando Vazquez Ramos, Coordinator of the Master’s and Doctorate Programs in Architecture and Urbanism – University São Judas Tadeu

  • 9:50 am Teaching for change (on Marshall Berman Perspective)

Mediator: Dr. Eneida de Almeida

Professor Dr. Marta Gutman. Dean of The Bernard & Anne Spitzer School of Architecture City College of New York

  • 10:50 am break
  • 11:10 am Urban settlements and vulnerable climate areas (Hamburg and São Paulo cases)

Mediator: Ms. Mari Anna Camargo Firmino

Dr. Christoph Sauer River and Costal Engineering Wasserbau. Technical University of Hamburg

Dr. Gilson Lameira, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design – Federal University of ABC

Dr. Fúlvio Vittorino, Director of the Technological Center of the Built Environment – Institute of Technological Research of the State of São Paulo

  • 12:20 Lunch Time
  • 1h30 pm Waste management and pollution in urban settlements

Mediator Ms. Vasco Caldeira

Dr. Lya von Marteens, Klimapolis Manager – Max Plank Institute for Meteorology

Dr. Regina Maura de Miranda, Professor of Sustainability Management- University of São Paulo

Dr. Heloisa Hollnagel, Professor of Sustainability Management – Unifesp – Universidade Federal de São Paulo

  • 2:40 pm Water districts in polluted areas (Mexico, São Paulo, Amazonas cases)

Mediator: Dr. Letícia Moreira Sígolo

Ms. Laura Janka Zires, architect and master’s degree in urban design from Harvard’s School of Design

Ms. Elena Tudela Rivadeneyra, Professor of Sustainability Sciences – UNAN

Dr. Renata Ferraz de Toledo, Professor of Architecture- University São Judas Tadeu

  • 3:50 pm Coffee break
  • 4:10 pm Industrial voids from a climate perspective (Buenos Aires and Diadema cases)

Mediator Dr. Andrea Tourinho

Dr. Alicia Gerscovich, Professor of Tecnología y Producción del Hábitat – Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Ms. Gisele Yamauchi, Economist, Master in World Political Economy and Ph.D. candidate in Architecture and Urbanism – University São Judas Tadeu

Dr. Nilton Évora do Rosário, Professor of Environmental Sciences Department – Federal University of Sao Paulo

  • 5:20 pm Closing session

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